Social Media Updates: 20th February

Happy Saturday fellow socialites!

Today I present to you recent news in social media, covering new campaigns, PR, the use of virtual reality and other bits of interesting news:

  • Admiral’s new female admiral in action in ‘First Day’ ad
  • Facebook to Open Instant Articles to All Bloggers
  • China bans foreign companies from digitally publishing ‘texts, pictures, maps, games, animations, audios, and videos’
  • Burberry drafts in Apple TV for a shoppable catwalk experience
  • New York Fashion Week on Twitter
  • GIF search on Twitter
  • Virgin Galactic rolls out ‘Unity,’ its first new space plane since 2014 crash
  • Oreo brings its ‘Wonder Vault’ into virtual reality
  • Volvo will let you unlock, start your car with your smartphone
  • Advertisers need to start communicating better, it’s what we do
  • How Instagram can improve brand safety

That’s all for now, until next week for more updates!

Account Executive

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