Social Media Updates: 15th February

Hey all,

A tad late this week but here’s your dose of social media updates, plenty of interesting changes so have a good read of some of the fascinating articles below! Have a read of the link about Peach, could this be the next stop for social media?

  • Why Instagram‘s new view counts could boost branded video
  • These companies are using software to produce emotional content
  • 3 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling Using Emotion
  • Snapchat to introduce changes to Discover
  • How Grey Goose used experiential marketing to tell its luxury story
  • Twitter‘s new timeline
  • What is Peach & should marketers even care?
  • Facebook & Twitter make UX changes in fight to stay social
  • Facebook Adds Automated Captions for Video Ads, Offers Tips to Improve Video Performance
  • Brewdog ‘sticks a galloping hoof into beer industry advertising guff’ with Guinness Surfer spoof
  • Apple has corrected its Maps app 2.5 million times

That’s all for this week, keep an eye this week for the next social media updates post!

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