Why you should be watching Snapchat and Instagram (literally)!!

I recently finished a project in which one of my findings was that video content is the most engaging and most appealing when advertising to social media users, but there are many social media channels that accommodate for video content but which is the best? The future for this can be found in Snapchat and […]


Why it’s important to use social media to expand your network

First of all, networking is essential to everyone working in the business sector, whether you are running your own business or working for one. Networking will allow you to build up useful contacts that will either aid you in your job or create leads for your business, this is why it is important to practise […]


The importance of social media for Recruiters

Recruitment agencies must be able to grab the attention of potential candidates through eye-catching content on social media; whilst at the same time encouraging applications for open positions. As such, a recruitment agency’s social media strategy should be to provide job seekers with relevant information and useful yet accessible resources (obviously). You are responsible for […]