Avoid these common social media mistakes recruiters tend to make!

We love to advocate how social media can be the game changer for any business’ marketing strategy. Yet for recruiters, the worst you can do is damaging your brand whilst thinking you’re promoting it! As such, you should read the common mistakes we list below so you know how to get the best out of […]


The earnings of tech companies and what it all means

Today’s blog post is an interesting piece that has been sent in by a guest blogger, and sheds light on financial aspects going on within the industry. The next week sees some hugely relevant tech companies announce their earnings: Apple, Twitter, Google and Facebook. A really exciting time to see how they are performing, and […]


How social media reviews can make or break your business!!

The internet is a vast world of information, some of this is useful and some not as useful, but growing usage of online reviews are shaping the brand reputation of many restaurants. Websites like tripadvisor and social media features e.g Facebook reviews can deeply influence the perception of a restaurant. The popularity of this is […]


The Blogger’s Battle: Why are Bloggers Important for Retailers?

Bloggers and blogging have taken the world by storm, and quite rightly so – bloggers have the power to influence millions of consumers! In this digital age, consumers are more likely to trust the word of a blogger than the conventional, traditional marketing tactics. But do retailers agree?   Fashion Bloggers have been around for […]