WordPress release a new analytics tool

WordPress engine have launched a new content performance analytics tool, this includes some Google Analytics data to measure content by authors, posts and topics more effectively.

They’ve called it ‘content performance’ and its purpose is to give clearer insights into how well specific content is doing. However, this tool differentiates from Google analytics in terms of depth as it measures categories, authors, posts and tags. Therefore, whoever is managing the site can easily determine content which drives the most traffic or receives the most engagement or which topics are the most popular and which authors are producing the most engaging content in terms of how much time users spend on the page.


So, what does this mean for your business?

A lot of businesses use WordPress as the software for their websites, and if your one of these businesses we highly recommend that you exploit this new tool.

Why? – because the benefits are vast due to the depth of this tool some of which mean…

  • You can organise and manage your content more effectively e.g. so that one author produces content that has the sole purpose of driving traffic, while another author produces content that is aimed at increasing subscribers to your newsletter and increasing your email database.
  • This leads to the next opportunity… to identify what authors are best at producing certain types of content (but be careful not to have too many authors of content to retain consistency)
  • It elucidates what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content, because content can be broken down by categories, posts and tags. You can react appropriately and either create new categories to replace underperforming content, or focus on content that is excelling.

These are just a few possibilities associated with this new tool, let us know how you’re going to use this new tool in the comment section below.


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