How to get the most out of your social media advertising campaign

As a Communications Manager you may find yourself being pulled from pillar to post. The last thing you may be thinking about is your companies next social media advertising campaign. Every now and again your boss might mention that their kids were on Snapchat or posting on Instagram, now they are on your tail to […]


Desktop Vs Mobile

As technology advances we are using mobile devices more and more in our everyday lives, and thus mobile usage is growing and shows no sign of slowing down so you might think I should just forget about desktop and focus on adapting content for mobile, right?… Not quite, although consumers are spending approximately 3 hours […]


New Twitter Features

This is a quick summary of twitter updates and features that you can use to increase engagement, followers and leads. Twitter now has 360 and live streaming features, that your business could capitalise on for differentiated video content. Live streaming an event for your business brings in a personal interaction with your followers and may […]