What is digital PR?

Birmingham Digital PR

Digital PR is a relatively new tactic in terms of online marketing. It refers to building brand awareness through strategic relationships with integral content writers and journalists, with a view to creating exposure, links and citations.

The aim of digital PR is to increase the reach of the brand, increase traffic to the website with targeted traffic and improve the search engine positions of the website for its relevant keywords. It should also improve credibility of the brand overall.

Another key element of this form of marketing is to increase the number and quality of backlinks to the main brand website. Both citations using what is termed url link, in which the domain is used as the link anchor, and anchortext relevant to the brand may well also be used, which enhances the brand and its exposure.

How can you tell how your digital PR campaign is performing?

Obviously increases in leads, sales and traffic to the website will provide an idea of the performance of the campaign, however by utilising analytics, annotation and tracking, it is possible to see exactly where the traffic is coming from and how the traffic performs in terms of the pages it accesses, the length of time the traffic stays on the page/website etc.

Google Analytics does offer extensive metrics and analysis, including behaviour, attribution, goal conversions and much more.

Another metric that digital pr is measured by are citations and backlinks. There are a number of options both online and software driven to measure the increase in backlinks. The most effective links will be from authority websites within the same niche, and digital pr offers an ideal way to obtain these.

Digital PR is able to provide a multitude of benefits. By providing useful, authoritative content, the website will receive traffic, citations and backlinks, from a variety of useful related websites.

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