Hidden page: [Important] How to make the most of Facebook for business

Facebook has, according to its own figures more than a billion users. Although predominantly a social platform for many who simply use the platform to keep in touch, arrange events etc, a growing number of businesses now use Facebook for a variety of business related processes, such as keeping clients informed, generating new business leads and generally empowering their own brand.

As with many social media platforms, however, there is a certain etiquette that needs to be adhered to, to ensure that you are not ostracized due to inappropriate netiquette. Below we provide you with some useful tips to help you get the most of your Facebook experience.

1) Create a professional styled Business page

Remember, first impressions count and that is especially the case online. The first impression you provide through your facebook page will determine how your visitors perceive your business. Therefore its make sense to create a professional business page, which outlines all the key elements you want people to know. Use all available space including the main image or cover photo, include features and benefits within the image so that its prominent. Whilst your at it, ensure that you claim our vanity url, and make it something easily recognizable.

In terms of the additional sections, ensure that you use every last bit of available content space to make your case for your business. This includes the "about" section.

2) Increase readership by engaging with people

Once of the most frequent issues we see relates to accounts which are used infrequently and which do not post regularly, or respond quickly enough. This is a common mistake. Social media management requires regular posting, frequent contact and responses which will grow your following.

Ensure that the quality of your content being posted is good. Low quality content will simply deter people from visiting and also create the wrong impression. Post useful advice and guidance as well as marketing offers.

In terms of content, imagery, video content is well received.

Join groups related to your product or service, but don't just post sales or marketing content, engage by providing useful advice. This will endear you to the other members and improve brand awareness and your perceived authority within the platform.

3) Use all the tools available to you

Facebook offers a wide variety of options and features which can significantly enhance your image on the platform. For example, adding milestones to your timeline, highlighting product releases or awards achieved all help to empower your brand.

In addition, as you would on your own website, incorporate a call to action button. This is typically placed on the top of your page. Facebook even makes it easy for you by providing a number of pre-made buttons such as "Shop now" "sign Up" and "watch video"

Another useful feature which enables further customisation is custom tabs. The feature that enables you to customise the tabs, so you can add specific tabs, which link to pages for specific elements.

Facebook insights is another handy tool which provides a wealth of useful info including analytics, page visits and engagement. This can provide you with sufficient information to review what is working and what isn't.


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