All about Snapchat: How to use Snapchat, Snapchat Ads for 2017 and Snap Spectacles

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms at this moment in time. Launched in September 2011, Snapchat now has over 150 million daily active users. There are an average number of 9,000 snaps per second and the average amount of time spent in the app is 30 minutes per day!

So how can you use Snapchat to target your key customers?

Some of the best brands using Snapchat include Dominos Pizza (UK), General Electric, HubSpot and The New York Times. Each of these brands have used Snapchat in their own unique ways to showcase brand personality, educating, informing and entertaining their customers. Check them out to help you come up with your Snapchat strategy.

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How can you reach your target audience through Snapchat ads?

Currently you can advertise on Snapchat in three ways:

  1. Snap ads

You can advertise using Snap ads to target people with a 10 second video. You also have a choice to add an interactive element where people can swipe up to see more and either receive an extended video, an article, install an app or visit a website. This type of advert is quite expensive and you must use a Snapchat Partner to create the campaign.

  1. Sponsored Geofiliters

This is the filter you can access when you’re in a specific location. Snapchatters can show where they’ve been and when etc. This is great for a major event or at a retail space. (You could even use this for wedding days or a birthday party on your personal account).

Brands have the opportunity to be a part of conversations and this particular feature typically reaches 40%-60% of Snapchatters! This is super easy to create and ads can be as cheap as £10! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

Step 1: Login to the relevant account and select one of these two options. You can either create your own filter or use the one available online. This example uses ‘Create Online’

Step 2: You can select an occasion which can be used on personal and business accounts. Here you can design your filter as you like.

Step 3: Select the dates you would like the ad to run for.

Step 4: Create a ‘Fence’ around the location you would like to target.

Step 5: Add your credit card details and you’re on your way!

  1. Sponsored Lenses

This is the most interactive and fun feature of Snapchat which brands such as Sainsbury’s, Starbucks and Cadbury have taken full advantage of. This is the most expensive advert and as with Snap ads, you must use a Partner agency to create this advert.

Snapchat ads for 2017

There’s lots of new features that Snapchat are releasing in 2017. Some of which are currently available in the US and will soon be available in the UK in Beta for certain brands. Take a look at what’s coming up!

  1. Snap to Unlock Filters

This is a new feature where people have to snap a code to unlock a new special filter. This is great for competitions and to gauge how many people are going from print media through to digital media. Garage Magazine have used this in the USA, but this feature hasn’t yet been released in the UK.

  1. Snap to Unlock Codes

This has been used in the US with the movie launch of ‘The Girl on The Train’. Just like with QR codes, a picture is snapped and this then opens up a pieces of content, for the example above, it opened up the trailer for the movie. Brands can put these codes in magazines, on billboards on TV ads, in store etc.

The problem we had before with QR codes is that consumers would have to use different apps which would be a barrier to entry. With the use of Snapchat, this barrier has been removed. The costs for creating the ad and the ROI is not the strongest, but there is potential for this in the future as more brands ‘test’ this out.

  1. Influencers

Just like all other types of social media influencers (vloggers and bloggers etc), you can work with influencers to create content for your Snapchat channel and ’Takeover’ your account.

  1. Snapchat ads based on objects

These ads are currently in progress. Snapchat would like to create an ad which will use AR/VR to recognise the object in your Snap. So for example, if you’re having a cup of tea, they will know this is a mug of tea or coffee. They will then be able to offer real-time bidding to advertisers and let them bid to have their sponsored filter featured on that product with possibly an offer of some sort also. This is currently in the patent application process. Let’s see what happens with this in 2017!

What are Snap Spectacles?

Did you know that Snapchat released their own version of the Google Glass? It’s called Snapchat Spectacles and is available here:

Instead of having to use your phone to snap your memories, you can simply put on these specs and be on your way! You can get your hands on these in the US. UK is yet to be confirmed.

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