Avoid these common social media mistakes recruiters tend to make!

We love to advocate how social media can be the game changer for any business’ marketing strategy. Yet for recruiters, the worst you can do is damaging your brand whilst thinking you’re promoting it!

As such, you should read the common mistakes we list below so you know how to get the best out of your social media investment and what critical errors you can avoid.

  • Hashtags are good but don’t overdo it! Yes they are a must to ensure your content is discovered. But as social media platforms, especially Twitter, have evolved over the years, you can often get the same; or more results when you search for recruitment WITHOUT the hashtag. The best way to take this tip is to just not always rely on hashtags to be found.

  • Posting the same message across all social channels. Yes your online presence is key but posting the exact same post across each platform is not the key to boosting your presence. Each platform has its own unique quality with their relevant demographics so think how you can tailor a message for the appropriate network, audience and platform. We’ve outlined the key qualities of each platform below to help you recruiters out!

  • Being on social media for the sake of having some kind of online presence! You can’t just make a social media account and expect magic to happen! You need a strategy in place. Remember your online profile reveals what you, as a recruiter are doing. Know what you want to post about and coincide this with effective timing of posts. A common feature with most recruiters on social media is the simple spamming of job postings online, believe it or not you can lose more followers doing this!

  • Quantity > Quality = NO! Numbers are not everything. Quality posts that engage a smaller concentration of followers can triumph in the long term as opposed to frequently non-stimulating posts. The reason for quantity not being the best idea in the long term is that though you may initially gain many followers at first, they tend to unfollow eventually. Putting a bit of care into the type of content you produce will help you develop a loyal network of followers.

And there you have it! Follow these tips and your online brand as a recruiter will shape up nicely!


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