Facebook Recruitment

Facebook recruitment

Last week Facebook introduced a new feature that will be of great interest to both recruiters and everyday Facebook users.

For businesses and recruiters Business Pages will now be able to post job openings to the News Feed through the status update composer, and host them on a Jobs tab on their Page. When users see these, they can hit an “Apply Now” button to instantly send an application through Facebook Messenger. Facebook will pre-fill the user’s name and profile picture to speed up the process. These features are now becoming available to all U.S. and Canada business Pages and are expected to extend to other countries in the future.

This new feature will appeal to people seeking part-time or hourly jobs. Making it an ideal feature for recruitment, retail and restaurants, providing access to an environment of 1.86bn users. Businesses can benefit from reaching a wide range of users through news feed posts or via ads which offer the opportunity to expand reach.

Notable points:

  • This benefits businesses increasing reach to users that may have not been actively seeking a job.

  • There’s issue over businesses doing background checks via social media, on the other hand users are likely to check the business page associated with the role – It’s important that your Facebook and its content is appealing as it may have an impact to whether a user applies or not. (Contact us for a free Facebook and social media audit to check the quality of your content)

  • Its relatively simple to set up, making it a seamless part of users experience and easy for businesses to manage and use as a recruitment tool.


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