Facebooks new video app, a future threat to Youtube presents new opportunities to engage

Facebook announced the release of a new unnamed mobile app set to be released later this year at Vidcon. This come as part of an effort by Facebook to capture the interest of video content creators who predominantly use YouTube because it is the most popular platform for video content.

Danker explained at VidCon that this app breaks down into three areas — video creation, fan engagement and video analytics — and will open in a Snapchat-style, to a camera screen when launched. Additional features will include the option to add intro and outro segments to live broadcasts as well custom stickers that viewers can use to interact with the broadcast. With further opportunity to develop the visually appealing nature of the content through the extension of snapchat style frames being added by Facebook.

What opportunity does this provide for businesses?

The best way to provide conversions for your business is to build a personal relationship with users to transform them into customers and this can be achieved through engagement and bringing emotion and personality to users through the content that is created and communicated from your businesses social media platforms to the user. Although this is an app created by Facebook that is aimed at video creators it provides an opportunity for businesses to get creative and really engage users through livestreamed video content. This is because despite Facebook imitating snapchat features this is a step in the right direction and the option for intro and outro segments can add value and a professional feel to content that will retain the attention of users. Engagement can be achieved and relationships with customers can be built as creators are able to reply to fans through Facebook, Instagram and messenger. Finally, the Insights tab will cement this application as a solid competitor as a video content platform; this is because data is key to understanding the performance of the videos and combined with engagement this will allow businesses to craft and adapt quality content that is tailored to the audience your business aims to target.

Watch this space as this future application may offer an all in one package that will threaten Youtube’s current position as the main platform for video content.


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