Here Is What Could Be Wrong With Your Brand Image

Your company’s brand image is crucial to getting the right message out there and attracting customers. Of course it is impossible to be perfect all the time and even some of the leading brands out there make mistakes.

Several companies have got it wrong over the years – in 2009 Pizza Hut made a mistake in trying to rebrand themselves as ‘The Hut’.

In 1977, British Airways removed the Union Jack which caused numerous complaints and caused the flag to be reintroduced in 2001.

So what can you do to avoid these mistakes?

  • Stay consistent – this means being consistent across all of your social media platforms. Being consistent will help build a relationship with customers and build up a level of trust.

  • Stay on the right track – the last thing you want to be doing is associating your brand with the wrong things. So be sure to use your brand and company sparingly – you don’t want to be sponsoring or be in partnership with things that aren’t beneficial or suitable to your company. Whatever you link your brand to should match the values that your company emphasises.

  • Don’t be too reliant – your brand doesn’t need to constantly keep up with new, extravagant design trends. It needs to reflect your company. Don’t over complicate your brand image, otherwise it can back fire in the long run. Keep it more simple and look for inspiring designs instead.

  • Think global – remember that your brand needs to appeal to all types of consumers, worldwide. So try not to focus too heavily on appealing to just one market. Of course it’s hard to find a design which will suit everyone’s needs and tastes but try to appeal to just more than one segment of the market.

Remember, brand image is vital to consumers in order to recognise your brand. Your company needs to have a brand image that reflects the values of the company and engage with the right audiences. By keeping on top of this, you’ll be sure to make sure your brand image is successful.


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