How to become Instagram Famous?

In this short guide we will give you our top 5 tips for rising to Instagram stardom.

1. Big visual moments on display - Build a stunning Instagram feed, you want to showcase high quality photos, whether that’s through travel, food, personal life or yourself ;)

2. Vlog and engage your audience - It’s important to become a modern day blogger and use instagram stories to engage your growing fanbase. Make use of stickers and vlog through stories to share personal and relatable content based on your hobbies or interests.

3. Design your own personal brand by sharing and creating unique content that is truly original to yourself. Make it your own, make it fun, make it different and really sell yourself using you natural knowledge of the social media world to present yourself as a lifestyle icon.

4. #Hashtag - Find the most relevant and popular hashtags and use for your posts. Instagram offers suggestions on the most popular hashtags as you type so pay attention to this before you post.

5. Don’t overthink it and be yourself; if you post genuine and relatable content and you are persistent you will rise to Instagram stardom in no time!

It goes without saying that the quality of your Instagram page will determine your Instagram fame; and for only £15 pp you can learn how to create quality content using just your phone.

This is just a short guide and although it doesn’t happen overnight you will be well on your way to becoming an Instagram star


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