How to use LinkedIn like a true professional: Part 1

This blog will be the first of a 3 part mini-series talking about, you guessed it, using LinkedIn like a true professional.

So why should you appear professional on LinkedIn? Because it’s the largest online professional network? Because utilising LinkedIn can help you be successful and productive? Or maybe just because there are in excess of 300 million other people that used LinkedIn and could come across your personal page at any point? As well as having your reputation at stake, displaying your profile openly for any of these millions of professionals to see may affect your employment and business opportunities, so it goes without saying that you certainly need to at least present yourself online like a true professional online.

What this series will entail is the many key features of LinkedIn you may not be aware of, how to use them and the benefits they bring. Let’s face it, if you’re going to use an online social network for professionals, you may as well use it properly!

This week we’ll explore how you can get your profile from being non-existent, to something truly click worthy.

Boosting the presence of your profile

- Acquire presence in the first place by creating a profile badge on your personal blog/website. Or by making sure your profile is accessible using keywords you wish to be associated with when professionals search for…well you.

- So they’re on your profile, now make sure you show these professional what you have to your name. Fill out as many sections as you can keeping it short yet concise, just like a CV potential employers hate having to wade through several blocks of unstructured text. It doesn’t hurt to add any relevant links, images, or projects that you have been a part of. Try to get endorsed for your skills too, maybe endorse others you’re connected with too. Kind of a, you endorse my back I’ll endorse yours?

- As well as the content of your profile, the appearance of it helps you appeal to visitors. Have a presentable profile photo of yourself (avoid stag do type group photos) and a nice background banner. It just adds a bit of personality to your page. Changing your profile photo now and then is a good way to grab the attention of others too, which leads to more people on your profile!

- Keep your profile updated! If you feel you are eloquent enough to write, then produce new and fresh content updates! Most people simply lift quotations from famous people, so if you don’t know where to begin, start with this and look at the kind of status updates others are putting out. Just try to change it up now and then.

- On that note, interacting with other people’s updates in your network never hurts. Use other people’s status updates, particularly when it is your own competence that is being challenged, to display your professional insight! At the very least like other professional updates if you want to express your feelings without the need to write anything in depth.

And really that’s all there is to it – well, not really; but these are helpful stepping stones to get your profile up and running properly.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, where we’ll follow up using LinkedIn, focusing on the true networking aspect of LinkedIn.

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