How to use LinkedIn like a true professional: Part 2

So last week we looked at how to boost your personal LinkedIn page by focusing on how other professionals can get to your profile in the first place, ensuring you put out the right content, and making sure it’s a presentable and aesthetically pleasing profile to look at too! After all, your next employer could be reading about that time you did work experience back in year 10, so you want to make sure you get it right!

If you missed out on it last week, don’t fret, just click here to catch up.

Now onto the here and now. We’ll be covering the actual networking aspect of LinkedIn, the main purpose of the platform!


Networking beyond your own profile

- LinkedIn Groups! There’s no limit to the amount of groups you can join, so join as many you can. Why wouldn’t you? You’ll be more commercially aware with what’s going in the industry of the groups you’re in and you’ll be able to make connections and have discussions with other like-minded professionals. Who knows, you may even meet a future employer/business partner/soul mate in one of these groups! So take advantage of them. It also helps to make it a regular part of your morning routine/bed time routine to browse LinkedIn.

- Milk the many invite features LinkedIn offers. Invite people to connect with you (bigger network = better, right!) As briefly mentioned last week, invite others to endorse you. Invite them to join your groups. Invite them to do your pointless, meaningless survey, but for the love of God invite them to do something that links to you! Some may see this as spam, but others may value the effort you’re putting in for your online professional self, and may help you out. Or they’ll just ignore you. But…you’d be surprised how often your message can get through to others.


- Saved searches are miraculous. LinkedIn lets you save 10 job searches, and 3 people searches. So when you’ve searched for something you want to keep an eye on over time, click ‘Save Search’ at the top right and you can run that same search again anytime. Clearly this will be helpful when you’re in the bloodthirsty, job hunting stage. There is also the option to receive regular email reminders when new members in the network match your saved searches.

- Use LinkedIn’s Resume Builder tool to turn your profile into a professional online CV! Then of course, familiarise with the LinkedIn Jobs tool to search for new thrilling job vacancies. The advanced search feature allows you to search for jobs using a number of measures, filtering through by location, title, industry, experience level etc. After all, if you’re a job seeker with good qualifications and experience in Accounting, you’re not really going to care about Lamborghini’s latest job vacancy post asking for test drivers (or maybe…)

- Your LinkedIn updates can be posted to Twitter as well. Updates you wish to share on both social media platforms will increase the reach of your updates, so as long as you add your Twitter account to LinkedIn, next time you post a status update, select the ‘Public + Twitter’ option in the dropdown share box. Don’t be scared to @mention companies and other people in these updates either, they may see them and interact in the way you’d like them to!


There you have it! Network, make connections, and increase the range of people you could possibly network with…pretty much use LinkedIn for what it was made for, but do it right.

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Have a great week everyone!


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