How to use LinkedIn like a true professional: Part 3

And now the ultimate, grand finale of this blog mini-series. The blog equivalent of the series finale of Breaking Bad. The ending of The Soprano’s. The Godfather series of all blogs! Well, maybe not, but this blog post signifies a complete hat trick of blogs on the scoreboard that will enable you to present yourself on LinkedIn like a real pro.

Today it’s all about using LinkedIn to market your very own business.

Recently, we covered how to network on LinkedIn, highlighting the importance of LinkedIn to become a part of active and relevant networks, invites and endorsements, using the search bar (not as basic as it sounds) and more – click to read our previous post from this mini-series if you missed it. Or click here if this is the first you’re hearing of this series so you can start from the beginning.

As for today, this one is really for the business owners amongst you, whether it’s a start up or somewhat established firm, these are really helpful tips you must follow!

To market your Business’ own profile:

- Design your LinkedIn company page. It goes without saying that it needs to maintain the correct and latest layout, with compelling banner images. It’s essentially a mix of nice, simplistic design with good content and information. Easier said than done, so plan in advance!

- Create targeted Showcase pages – these niche pages allows you to promote specific products/cater for certain categories in the market, to those searching for a specialised experience. Promoting and sharing links to other landing pages and blog posts so your followers can see them allows you to generate even more leads. Showcase pages can be made by clicking on the ‘Edit’ drop down at the top right of the company page, then choose ‘Create a Showcase Page’. Got it? Nice one.

- Use LinkedIn Pulse. No it’s not LinkedIn’s heart beat monitor or anything like that, it’s a useful stream to help you further keep track of relevant industry news. Discover trending articles and content suited for your own interests, especially using the ‘Top Posts’ tab. ‘Your News’ lets you see what people you are following publish. It's down to you what you do with this information, but the more relevant the information you see, the more this may inspire your own content you put out for others to see.

- Posting targeted company statuses are more effective with LinkedIn’s targeting options, communicating your message to specific users. For smaller businesses, it really helps to promote to the local area as some potential consumers may require what your business is selling, but are simply unaware of it. Admins on pages can use criteria like company size, job function, seniority etc. If you're paying to promote, make sure you've really thought about the audience you want to see your brand messages and if you're approach will get to them in the right way.

- Group statistics provides key insights for you about group members like their seniority, geography, job function, hair colour, pet peeves and shoe size etc. (maybe not the last three then). This data helps you decide which groups to join or identify to target in your ad placements, to help with your marketing efforts. Creating your very own LinkedIn group based on relevant industry-related topics can establish both you and your business as a thought leader and generate new content ideas, thus generating more leads. It also helps to email members of your group through LinkedIn Announcements, which are inbox messages sent directly to group members, serving as a prime opportunity to gain further leads, especially if your group is active and vigorous. In case you weren’t aware, more leads is what you’d love to get out of using LinkedIn.

- For those of you aiming to supplement organic LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn ads are helpful through the targeting options, where PPC ads allow you to target specific job titles, functions, industries etc. Essentially, the people who are more likely to need or want your product/service.

Yep, and that’s all she wrote. Hopefully following this mini-series has helped you all become more grounded, informed or even enlightened on how to use LinkedIn like a true professional!

Now go, edit your profile, join about 20 LinkedIn groups, create a showcase page, and spread those wings attached to that magnificent torso (aka your LinkedIn profile/business page)!

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