Instagram analytics: A new marketing tool

Instagram has now introduced business profiles and I have been using this new tool for a client, it has proved to be a useful source of information for me as a marketer. These analytics show most popular times and days that your followers on Instagram, as well as follower demographics, post impressions and more. One of the new noticeable features is the graph icon in the top right of the profile page, this gives access to “insights” summarised at the top is the impressions, reach, profile views and website clicks. This I am impressed by the level of detail it gives for demographics, location wise you can refine it down to city, and for gender you get a visual ratio graph of men to women which can then be broken down by age together or separately by gender. It even tells you the most popular times when your followers are online. The most useful feature for a marketer is that you can now view the top posts sorted by Impressions for both a 7 day and a 30 day period. This gives a deeper understanding of how many people you have reached.

Instagram is important for businesses as I have explained in a previous blog post “why you should be watching Instagram and Snapchat (literally) !! but these new features make Instagram a useful tool for marketers as well who can make use of this information to increase profile views, website clicks and ultimately provides lead generation.


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