Is Deliveroo the new face of takeaways?

Deliveroo has experienced rapid growth in the past three years. Operating in 84 cities across 12 different countries – and it doesn’t intend to stop there.

Deliveroo has added 9000 new restaurant partners to its chain. They claim to have over 3000 riders in the UK alone, which is increasing every week.


What makes Deliveroo so popular?

It’s quick, easy and efficient. In today’s society, people want to save time and money – everything is fast paced, and now so is eating. The average delivery time is just 32 minutes.

More and more restaurants are deciding to partner up with this new phenomenon. The thing that makes Deliveroo different to its competitors such as Just Eat and Hungry House, is the type of restaurants and food it offers. Deliveroo focuses on higher quality restaurants compared to your average takeaway – including chains such as Prezzo, Nandos, Pizza Express and GBK – they claim that the only thing you won’t find on Deliveroo is “low-quality takeaway restaurants.”

Deliveroo is also clever in its marketing strategies and has a strong presence on social media. It has several different Twitter accounts according to your location e.g. Deliveroo Manchester, Deliveroo Leicester, Deliveroo Brighton – allowing Deliveroo to focus its tweets according to location specifics. It sends out tweets focusing on promotions in your local area; drawing customers in.

Deliveroo also offers lots of promotions to engage customers – such as £5 or £10 credit when you refer a friend, or free delivery during a specific period.

If you’re not in a partnership with Deliveroo, where does this leave your business?

Perhaps part of the reason that so many restaurants are deciding to team up with Deliveroo is because it’s hard to supply your own delivery service which competes on both time and price.

It appears that Deliveroo has got it all – however, it does face challenges:

As it continues to grow in size, trying to provide the correct transport infrastructure may prove difficult, it will need to keep expanding its delivery drivers to make sure they stay on top of their super speedy delivery time. It will need to stay innovative with its marketing strategies and promotional offers to stay on top of the game.

Nonetheless, Deliveroo looks like it’s here to stay… and it will keep growing.


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