More than social, how can students gain advantage in a competitive job market?


Whether you have just graduated or just started uni; It’s not just about what you know but who you know, and social media is an integral part of your future career whatever you field is.

So in this blog will cover the best ways in which you can use the most accessible tools for networking, whether you want to land that dream job or simply gain experience whilst you are uni.


This infographic summarises some but not all of the fields in which you may be studying or hoping to get a job in the future. It provides a breakdown and gives insight into which specific social media platforms are best suited

To elaborate; for less formal relationships you should network with people with similar interests through facebook, twitter and instagram. Go to facebook events near you or take note of the kinds of people that are retweeting, liking or following pages or content that is relevant to you. Instagram and Pinterest are also great platforms for less formal relationships and showcasing work or finding work that interests you.

For more formal areas of work I recommend Shapr, which is the tinder of professional networking in which you can swipe to meet your professional match. Facebook and Twitter can be great tools for forming more formal relationships but in a less direct way; by liking group pages and going to more formal networking events related to your field. However, LinkedIn takes the top spot because it directly offers job opportunities and is the greatest tool for professional networking.

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The magic formula...


Once you have identified the people you need to network with follow the magic formula:

  1. Like/Retweet/share their content

  2. Comment on their posts

  3. Add/follow on other platforms to establish and solidify a connection (if necessary)

  4. Once you feel you have engaged enough then message directly to offer something of value for free (in a formal or informal way depending on the relationship you want to form)

  5. Once you have provided value then make your intentions clear and enquire about work experience or job opportunities.

If you are genuine and not pushy then you will be able to network with great ease, but this also needs to be supported through engagement and being very active through your own social media by posting your own content and sharing your own work.



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