New Twitter Features

This is a quick summary of twitter updates and features that you can use to increase engagement, followers and leads.

  1. Twitter now has 360 and live streaming features, that your business could capitalise on for differentiated video content. Live streaming an event for your business brings in a personal interaction with your followers and may encourage activity with users interacting with each other or with your business for the event. 360 technology has blown up in the past year and the popularity of this content will be more likely to appeal to users.

  2. Photos, videos, GIFs and polls are now excluded from the word count, allowing businesses to add more value to content. However even with these exclusions it is still a limited word count, meaning tweets have to be short and punchy to attract the attention of twitter users, so make use of photos videos and GIFs to achieve this.

  3. Twitter now has algorithmic timelines, to show audiences content they interact with as opposed to the latest tweets. Therefore, engagement is now more important than ever! This can be achieved through quality content and that users will be interested and resonate with.

  4. Anyone can now apply for a verified account. It will now be easier for your customers to follow your official twitter account. Furthermore, you can interact with other Twitter users with more confidence and build better relationships

  5. Twitter have recently introduced a GIF search library. This will allow businesses to add more emotion and personality to content with greater ease allowing a better connection to followers thus building customer relationships and engagement.

In conclusion, these new features provide a business-friendly environment offering opportunities to capitalise on. Check out our other blogs or email for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how we can help increase engagement, followers and leads across all social channels.


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