Peach - the new social networking site. Will it be fruitful, or fruitless?

Peach is a creation of Vine founder, Dom Hofmann. Following its introduction to the app store in January, Peach has dropped down the rankings as it struggled to fill its target niche. That’s not to say its initial release was that of a perfect site, more so than Facebook and Twitter, Peach continues to rapidly put out new updates and features.

Perhaps the lack of news feed is what users didn’t like about it, as it requires users to proactively click onto other user profiles. That’s not to say the potential for brands isn’t there however.

A broader social media site

Broader in the sense that it has similar aspects of other social media platforms. Peach combines the early aspects of Facebook, a Tumblr like feel in the easy use of GIFs and other multimedia, the promptness of Twitter and the discretion of Snapchat.

Users that fall into the category of “Generation Z” will appreciate the ‘magic words’ feature on Peach, that allows users to type in specific words as hot-keys allowing specific content to be posted in this way. An instant sharing of information. Without a doubt, there is potential for brands to utilise this feature to engage with users. A sports brand like Nike could simply own the word ‘football’ on Peach, where this could be tied into contemporary football events that could pull in users and then link onto the direct site of their latest pair of football boots. Simply put, this is the key feature that differentiates Peach from the social media big dogs.

Opportunities of today?

Given the relative newness of the site, brands could go ahead and claim their Peach handle now due to the lack of verification process they would otherwise have to go through on Twitter and Facebook. Jumping on the platform while it’s still young allows brands to build up an early following, and the chance to develop an interactive community by connecting the use of GIFs and memes with current happenings and the brand itself.

The key disadvantage is that it is, given the lack of news feed, hard for consumers to actually find the brand unless they know and actively search for the brand themselves. This is conjoined with the fact that there is no opportunity for paid promotion as of yet on Peach.

This is off-set by the fact that to appear on a user’s feed, they must choose to connect with you. With effective content marketing, making these harder connections with users can lead to a more appreciative and engaging community following. Generally speaking, Peach will mostly host a younger audience. This does not mean brands have to ‘be young’ to appeal to them, they just need to understand them. Rewards may seem low and high risk for the moment, but in due course this can change drastically in no time.

Venturing into uncertainty

The future of Peach is of course unknown, it’s hard to call if it will really be successful. But for brands that wish to be trendsetters, taking a stab into the unknown may hold bountiful benefits and get them ahead of their competition.

A key takeaway, as stated by Hofmann, is that it convinces the public that it fills a need that is not currently met. If Peach can truly master one of its features, maybe one they haven’t even released yet, the future is fruitful for brands that try to be innovative on this new platform


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