Social Media in 2017

As we enter 2017, we look to the future and how the social media landscape will change this year.

Our recommendations are that:

Data will be key to marketing campaigns via social media. Time should be taken to analyse the data you have to find useful information that will inform the decisions you make in terms of content produced, when to post, demographics etc. Insights and analytics are available from most social channels so capitalise on this!

Content will still be the most important factor. It’s still Quality over Quantity, businesses often make the mistake of churning out lots and lots of content, the problem is that this is a waste of time and money. Content needs to resonate with the user to capture attention.

Use New tools and current tools. As social media becomes more and more influential, social media will only continue to develop, with tools improving experience for the user and for digital marketers/businesses, but there are already tools you can capitalise on which digital experts advise using:

“You have to run Facebook ads, and you have to do it now.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

“My strategy will be to invest more heavily into audience insights, trying to really understand my target audience” – Larry Kim

“I’m going to focus on creating quality content that is authentic and truly tells a story or helps people.” -Peg Fitzpatrick

As you can see the advice of professionals also aligns with our previous recommendations, so to ensure the previous two points are achieved using new tools it is recommended to get Professional expertise which we can offer. This is supported by research from McKinley Marketing Partners, as digital marketing expertise has been leading 2016 for one of the most desired skill sets. McKinley found that 90 percent of all marketing roles required some digital marketing experience or analytical skills. Showing that digital expertise is now becoming essential to marketing activities.


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