The big wide world of social media… and how to start tackling it

Getting started on social media is scary, and raises so many questions:

  • Where do I start?

  • How do I stand out from the crowd?

  • What do I put on my profile?

  • Which platform of social media is best?

But you don’t need to worry. Take a breath… and continue reading this blog:

Social media is used by both recruiters and potential candidates. Potential employees are using it to research your company and find out what it is all about. Thus, the presence that your business has on social media is crucial.

The amount of social media platforms out there is vast – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace, Google+… The list goes on. You need to decide where to start and how to wisely select your potential candidates.

The bottom line is; you don’t need to limit yourself to one site. There are lots available to you, so make the most of these and grab the opportunity with both hands.


So where do you start?

For both recruiters and candidates, you need to make an effective and bold online presence - don’t hide away.

Recruiters – make your company well known. You want potential employees heading your way and interested in you, so having a good online presence is the main step.

Twitter is a great way to recruit potential candidates – its openness and ease of access aids this. The use of #hashtagging allows you to find individuals who are interested in exactly what you are looking for.

LinkedIn has over 433 million users and is the leading professional network online – make the most of this great opportunity. Recruiters are looking to connect with professionals in their field and search for those who are best suited for their jobs available. This is easy – you can search for specific key terms such as “managing director” to find those with this position or experience in this role.


Candidates – your profile is everything. Recruiters are going to make judgements straight away based on this. It is essential your profile picture is professional, you have an informative and well-structured biography stating who you are and what you are looking for. Remember, be authentic and be unique. There are hundreds of candidates chasing one position – you need to stand out.

Once you have perfected your profile, the next step is communicating and reaching out to potential candidates. You need to be confident in your approach, but also you need to be smart. One top tip is to reach out to those who seem to have real potential, and are truly interested in the business. Essentially, you don’t have time to waste – so think wisely.


Here I have outlined the first two and most important steps to getting started on social media. In my next blog post, I will provide you with some more tips on tackling the big wide world of social media.


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