The Blogger’s Battle: Why are Bloggers Important for Retailers?

Bloggers and blogging have taken the world by storm, and quite rightly so - bloggers have the power to influence millions of consumers! In this digital age, consumers are more likely to trust the word of a blogger than the conventional, traditional marketing tactics. But do retailers agree?

Fashion Bloggers have been around for years and developed a huge following of readers but Fashion Week saw the latest clash of the Bloggers vs. the Editors. The rise of the digital influencers has shaken the fashion world and other businesses should be paying attention.

The Blogger’s voice reflects the voice of the consumers

Traditionally, brands have shaped consumer desires but the growing use of social media has changed the traditional marketing landscape. Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, consumers aren’t afraid to tell brands how they really feel. So where do bloggers come into it? Bloggers are the ‘middlemen’ between consumers and brands, the consumers’ spokesperson, bridging the gap between consumers and retailers.

So why should retailers be investing in these social influencers? Bloggers have huge followings of committed readers and fans which brands can utilise. Working with the right blogger, can open a brand to a new generation of potential consumers. Bloggers have become celebrities in their own right and in the same way retailers sue celebrities to promote their products, using digital celebrities can have the same powerful influence. More often than not, bloggers have a real passion for the products and brands they are promoting which is probably why they are so successful amongst consumers.

The fact is, the face of marketing is changing drastically. The old methods of TV advertising and offline marketing are on their way out and the new age of digital marketing is upon us. Social media superstars are on the rise and brands need to take notice.


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