Trends that will impact your Social Media marketing strategy

The ways in which users interact with social media have changed, and continue to change, over time. This is due to the fact that social media is so fluidly dynamic – as much as we use social media to post personal information, we also post about news and their beloved brands amongst other things.

It is these social media marketing trends that are beneficial for businesses. This is because it is easier for business brands to integrate themselves onto the feeds and timelines of their users. If you are still not convinced about the opportunity of social media, note the fact that for the 18 – 49 age group, YouTube has a larger reach than the largest individual cable network. So yes social media is a big deal that is not fully utilised by here are the 2016 trends you need to take note of to stay in the loop.


  • The rise of video – with new auto play video implementations, improvements to video functionality for apps like snapchat and Twitter’s purchase of periscope; hopefully this is something you will have noticed. Upskill your video techniques through scripting and storyboarding, as well as concise editing. Vision is a key sense used to process brand information, as such video is the perfect way to grab attention.

  • Live content – with the introduction of Facebook live and periscope earlier in the year, it is clear social media continues to make news and information more immediate. Users can be told when your brand is broadcasting, so use live content to guarantee authenticity and generate excitement. Create a buzz around new product launches or live events, and encourage your followers to join in and boost consumer confidence!


  • Buy buttons have boosted social commerce – with social platforms introduced buy buttons, there has only been benefits for businesses as social media makes the connection between users seeing an advert and performing an action that much quicker. Your followers will appreciate how effortless you make it for them to buy products when you use a strong call to action that allows quick and easy fulfilment.

  • Evolving social interaction – how has social interaction evolved you say? Well consider snapchat, since it began it has created audiences for people, not interactions. That’s just one way social interaction has evolved, there are countless others. As a business, just ensure you’re active on every touch point across each platform. As you have increased visibility and brand image, a higher level of consumer satisfaction may lead to new customers giving your brand a go.


Of course, the nature of social media is constantly changing. As a business it is in your best interests to stay on top of all platforms and watch what your followers and saying and doing so you can stay ahead of the competition when new social media trends become apparent!


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