Twitter - a new means of Recruitment?

With over 305 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent each day, no wonder recruiters are exploring new avenues to find potential employees and clients – and it’s growing.

Be one step ahead of the game:

Times are changing. Most businesses are now using a larger array of methods in the recruitment process and the uses of social media are a key form, especially Twitter. It’s important to keep up to date with technology. In terms of recruitment, finding the right people who will help your business grow is prevalent.

What should you do?

Creating a successful account is the first step. Use an appropriate profile picture, an informative name (usually the name of the company) and an insightful but snappy biography are all essential in starting to promote your business.

With only 140 characters, you need to make your message effective and to the point. You need to build a strong Twitter presence and maintain it. Use these 140 characters wisely. Add in URLs, blog pages, company website links – it may start with Twitter but you can direct your followers to other places you want them to be.

Twitter is different to other forms of social media; the layout and structure is simple. As an organisation, you can pinpoint accounts interested in your target area and locate potential employees and clients.

How to make the most of a hashtag:

Using a hashtag is a key Tweeting tool. A hashtag is used to index your tweet so that when other users search or click on a specific hashtag, they will find your tweet amongst a bundle of others.

Here’s an example of what you’re tweet could look like:

‘We’re #hiring in the #Birmingham area and #London. If you’re interested in #Marketing opportunities, head over to

Want to attract the right people? Hashtagging will help you get there. Make these relevant - #marketing, #employment, #hiring – these will direct you into a pool of people interested in what you have to say. It is a great way of reaching potential clients and applicants. It will help promote your company too, add a hashtag, the more views and followers the better.

Hashtagging is not the only useful feature. Users can retweet your company’s tweets and opportunities, either directly to other individuals, or for all their followers to see – this is the modern day “word-of-mouth” at the click of a button, to multiple users at once. The key to Twitter is getting the discussion going.

How other companies are using Twitter:

As well as companies tweeting directly from their twitter account. Businesses can also outsource their job search to trusted recruitment companies. Organisations such as Milkround have made effective use of Twitter; @milkroundonline has over 6,000 tweets and 13.8k followers. They tweet job opportunities and information on skills and tips vital in the recruitment process.

Accounts such as @milkroundonline and @Adecco_UK can help direct followers to your website or Twitter page and inform them of the jobs and opportunities your company is offering. Simply, it is another way of adding to the exposure for your business.


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