Using Facebook ads for Instagram stories


Instagram is now owned by Facebook, and this offers the opportunity to synchronize advertising campaigns. Facebook advertisers can now select Instagram Stories as a placement when running ads within Power Editor, Ads Manager or tools utilizing the Facebook ads API. This gives the option to place an ad image or video (up to 15 seconds) between Instagram Stories. Here’s how…

Firstly, if you haven’t already, connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. Within either Power Editor or Ads Manager, create a campaign using the “Reach objective”. On the ad set level under placement, you may now see a message about creating ads for Instagram Stories…You’ll want to edit this to include only “Stories” under “Instagram.”, once selected other placement options will uncheck (you can’t use other placements in addition to Instagram Stories). At the ad level, you’ll have the option of including a single image or a single video… You’ll can either select an Instagram account or have the ad come from your Facebook page. It is suggested to add tracking to monitor the progress and reach of the ad, but that’s how to launch a Facebook ad within Instagram Stories.



There are downsides to Facebook ads within Instagram stories the main one being - You can’t promote a link or add text. Your message is limited to a single image or a single 15-second video only. However, this can be mitigated with a link in the bio of your Instagram business page if users are directed to your account. It must be considered that this form of ad is focused on raising awareness as shown by the only objective available being “reach”.


Utilize video as a clear and engaging format of content to raise awareness and increase the reach of your business and its products/services. Video has been scientifically proven to be more engaging than text as we talk about in our other blog (How does the brain processes different kinds of digital content?) Don’t expect these ads to drive sales and traffic to your website but instead increase following, profile visits and brand awareness.


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