Using minimum effort to maximise candidate engagement

Job seekers commonly lack feedback from recruiters following recent interviews, where this is damaging to your brand as a recruiter. This hurts your brand in several ways, as you may have lost a candidate who could be one of many things, such as the perfect candidate for your next assignment, or someone who will refer you onto their friends and colleagues, or even a future client.

As such, you should aim to raise your brand value and increase sales targets through the simple act of engaging with candidates aka your customers. And the way in which you can achieve this is through providing them with the ideal experience. Do this right and you yourself will experience repeat business and referrals.

How does one manifest the ideal experience?

It’s important to emphasise that you do care about your candidates’ career prospects so show them!

  • Keep in touch with your candidate through text or email. Sometimes they may just ignore you that’s down to them! But for some candidates, reaching out to them will make the difference in terms of the service they experience form you.

  • Suggest new roles that may be suitable for one of your candidates who may have been previously unsuccessful with other roles.

  • Help them prepare and improve over time for future applications. If you find information that is relevant and could be of help, whether it’s details of a new job vacancy, interview tips or some interesting industry news that may help with their job search, then share it with them!

It’s not all just about short-term thinking!

Hopefully this goes without saying, but your engagement strategy should be aimed at both successfully and unsuccessfully placed candidates.

Forming an ongoing relationship with candidates exhibits the degree of integrity you maintain and that you will keep them at mind when new opportunities arise for them. Candidates will appreciate the feeling of being valued for sure.

So keep in mind that engagement does not finish when your candidates have been unsuccessful. Help grow your talent base and keep them well informed. Engaging isn’t simply a matter of putting them on your monthly newsletter emailing list. Support them. Keep your relationship growing.

Ultimately, this will help your candidates reach their career goals in ways you would not imagine. And doing so, will naturally help develop and build your recruitment brand further. When you think about it, it really doesn’t take much extra effort to show your candidates that you actually care!


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