Using Social Media to Make the Most Out Of Your Retail Business

As social media has continued to evolve, more and more organisations are beginning to experience the benefits.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to put your business out there and generate awareness. Social Media Networks give retailers the opportunity to engage with thousands of consumers at one single time.

So how can retailers use social media effectively? Here are some simple top tips:

  1. Be visually appealing – photos, photos and yes… more photos. Consumer’s love seeing what you have to offer and a visual picture is the best way to do this! Instagram has rocketed over the past few years and part of this is due to the fact that consumer’s love seeing exactly what you have to offer. Not only this, but you can use photos to display offers that you have in-store or online, use hashtags to generate further traffic to your webpage, and get your followers to share and recommend your page.

  2. Social media is a great way to interact with your customers. In today’s busy society, if consumer’s have queries they will often take to social media in order to get these answered. Using Facebook and Twitter is great way to interact with customers, answering direct questions or comments they have about your business.

  3. Use Pinterest – a growing visual social media platform. Pinterest is a great way for retailers to display their product ranges, brands, and allows for consumer’s to freely browse amongst all of your visual images and generate potential purchases.

  4. As more and more retail purchases are made online, what better way to fully promote your business but to do it well… online. Be bold with your presence, make your page visually appealing to draw further traffic your way. What is also great about social media is that you can include exclusive online offers, which will further increase your sales!

Being on any social media platform should be a key priority in a retailer’s marketing strategy. It allows you engage with a larger audience, generate traffic towards your webpage and store, which will inevitably lead to greater sales!


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