Watch Out Deliveroo, UberEats is Moving In

We have since stated that Deliveroo has been growing in popularity as more and more people decide to have their favourite restaurant-food delivered straight to their door. Clearly, there is a market for several competitors here.

Introducing UberEats…

Uber has been hugely successful since being introduced in the UK in 2014, and now it is taking on the food business in London too.

UberEats offers a service that delivers your favourite food from London restaurants straight to your door, in Uber time of course.

With over 100 restaurants to choose from, an average delivery time of just 30 minutes and no minimum delivery spend, competitors such as Deliveroo better watch out.

With the growing use of new apps and technology, it is becoming increasingly popular to choose a night in on the sofa as opposed to going out to your favourite restaurants. It is essential, therefore, for restaurants to acknowledge this trend and jump on the bandwagon.

Using social media and engaging in partnerships with new services such as Deliveroo and UberEats is essential in keeping your customer-levels and profitability up.

Although UberEats is just in London at the moment, as this new style of dining continues to grow, it will be no surprise if they are across the UK in no time.


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