What is a social audit and why should you do it first (In 2 minutes or less)

What is a social audit?

A social audit, in a nutshell, is a review of all things that are of social media significance to your business.

It is a simple process that includes the following:

  • Compiling information about all social accounts related to your brand (both owned by your business and non-owned)

  • Collecting appropriate information from each of these channels and analysing and reviewing this data.

  • Once you have collected this data, identifying what works/what doesn’t, what you want to develop/what you want to get rid of; you can then start to develop objectives for each channel.

Optional social media audit steps:

  • You may also want to check out the competition, creating a list of competitors and following their social channels/reviewing their content is a great way to see what works for your competitors, what doesn’t, how you can differentiate your business etc.

  • There is also value in including some social listening within your social media audit; this is a great way to find out what customers/businesses and the world is saying about your brand/products/services/business. It is also a good way to gain insight into your sector/industry and provide a solution to what they’re looking for.

What is the purpose?

You can create one simple document that lists all social accounts, the goals for each, who will manage these accounts and any other key information. Once you have a clear picture of your current social media presence, you can transform this analytical data into your business plans moving forward. This is a simple but crucial step in laying the solid foundations of your social media strategy.


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