Why engagement on Twitter is so important

Face the facts. Social media has over the years proven to be an effective way of growing your company. And this is due to the fact that it is so unlike traditional media marketing. It is these differences that allows social media to trump its traditional counterpart in so many ways.

Such as the fact that social media combines brand and user-generated content. Or how it’s a free platform that allows two-way conversation between the brand and consumer that was non-existent before. Or even how social media maintains the benefits of mass marketing, whilst maintaining a one-on-one marketing stance. As you can see, the benefits of social media are plentiful:

With upwards of 284 million Tweeters, the scope of opportunity for brands on Twitter is vast. But it is also effective in engaging with consumers. The 3 keys reasons why engagement on Twitter is important will be outlined below.

Grow your following

As seen from the figures above, the target market you can tap into through engagement on Twitter alone is great enough for even the largest companies. And the reason Twitter works in the business world is because your customers also use Twitter, so this in itself is reason enough to connect with them. For some, Twitter is a daily routine, users check their feed first thing in the morning and last thing before they go to bed at night. Basically, it'd be ideal for your brand messages to be the first and last thing your customers read during their day!

Twitter allows you to listen to your customers directly, and responding to them is something that they will appreciate, and will earn you a follow. The more people that follow your brand, the more people there is to see your content. And if they see your content, they’re aware with the latest happenings with your brand and thus, they can become loyal customers. And normally what proceeds brand loyalty is repeated business and increased revenue. Why waste the free opportunities provided by Twitter?

Create conversations

On Twitter, you can engage with consumers through retweets, likes, replies & mentions. Often, Twitter is a great way to gain feedback, where you can improve your product or service – but without a doubt listening to your customer is something that will help your business in the future.

When communicating over Twitter, by engaging in conversation with your brand, users advocate your practice (as their messages are seen by their own followers who in turn may choose to follow your business). This stems on to the power of word of mouth. And in an age where we are still steadily recovering from the global economic recession, consumers are more sensitive about what they spend their disposable income on; thus they value positive reviews seen on Twitter prior to making purchasing decisions.

Mastering the art of having meaningful conversations and engaging properly with your customers goes a long way in shaping your brand and growing your company through presence on Twitter. In growing your following, you can make significant connections with your customers and enact strong brand relationships. Again, something that is not so easy and more costly to achieve through traditional marketing media.

Advertising to amplify

Just to reiterate, Twitter is FREE marketing! Running competitions on Twitter can be used to get followers to retweet your message that can get even more people to follow you so they can take part. People love free competitions, and using effective advertising on Twitter enhances what people hear about your brand. And you want to be heard don’t you?

Connecting with potential customers is such a great way to spread the word about your new upcoming products. When key influencers and followers see what’s new with your business, they tend to show their approval through retweets and likes, which gives your new product the chance to gain even more popularity.

Boosting tweets through paid promotion is another route to take and simply adds onto the benefits of engaging with customers on Twitter as even more people will get to see your brand messages. There are so many ways to advertise on Twitter, it’s really down to how you engage with your customers through the content you put out. Dell is an example of a company that has used Twitter effectively and experienced $6.5 million in revenue through Twitter alone. Now imagine if this was your company?

All in all, Twitter has already proven to be successful for a vast majority of brands and companies,whether they are global enterprises or SMEs. Of course, you can't just expect to make a Twitter account and expect success to come your way immediately! It requires proper utilisation of the available opportunities that didn't exist in the past, and maximising this potential to benefit your brand and appeal to an unlocked customer base on digital space.

If you’d like some more first hand advice about effective implementation of social media marketing in your business, get in touch for a quick FREE consultation meeting and from there we’ll see where things can go for you!


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