Why should your Business use Facebook?

With an audience of 1.15 billion people, 700 million of which are daily users, why wouldn’t you want to put your business on Facebook? Despite the rise in other social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook is still dominating the market.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there. There are numerous reasons why your business should use Facebook, and here I have highlighted just a few.

Facebook provides a range of opportunities for your business. It allows you to pinpoint your target audience depending on age, sex, language, personal interests and geographical location. Advertising exactly towards those who you want – simple.

By having a social media presence, particularly on Facebook, it is a great way to create awareness about your company. Facebook provides a platform for your business to generate sales and get customers talking about your business – 50% of Facebook users aged under 35 follow their friend’s recommendations. Facebook is a tool that allows millions of people to see your business instantly – in a week, there are averagely 645 million views on local business pages.

There are many tools on Facebook which will aid you in promoting your business, depending on what your strategy is. You can create a business page which customers can like and follow for all of your updates, posts and promotions you choose to display. Promoting your business here is key, you need to engage with customers – competitions, questionnaires and polls will further drive viewers to your page.

You can also use external advertising on Facebook. This is where you create ads to be displayed on Facebook which will drive traffic to your website.

These are just several reasons why your business should use Facebook – why wouldn't you want to put your company on the second most popular website out there?


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