Why you should be watching Snapchat and Instagram (literally)!

I recently finished a project in which one of my findings was that video content is the most engaging and most appealing when advertising to social media users, but there are many social media channels that accommodate for video content but which is the best?

The future for this can be found in Snapchat and Instagram. Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to post pictures and videos to their own personal story which friends and family can view for a limited time, it also allows users to send pictures and videos that delete themselves after a set time. Instagram is a visual platform that allows users to post pictures and videos only, which can then be viewed by their followers as it works on a similar basis to twitter. Instagram have recently added their own version of snapchat stories, also allowing users to post picture and video content for a limited time that can be accessed by followers through the main feed.

So how is this important to business?

The growing popularity of these platforms comes from the thriving interest of social media users to livestream their lives. This is because visual content including pictures and videos are a more appealing form of content because will be more likely to grab the attention of users that a business wants to target. This is a result of Snapchat (the original star) which has surpassed the likes of twitter in usage, and Instagram who have seen the success and followed in these footsteps of video stream feature with great success. Instagram is a part of the Facebook family for businesses advertising and works on similar basis in that ads are integrated into the timeline of users as sponsored ads. These are usually in video format and offer another opportunity separate from the story feature for businesses to advertise. However, both snapchat and Instagram stories will only target users already following the Instagram/snapchat account and is limited in this way. That’s why it is important to encourage customers to follow these social media channels.

So how can you do this?

This can be achieved by making it into an exclusive experience where customers who follow will have first access to exclusive or private content. It’s an opportunity to offer contests, perks, promotions/special offers and this can make users feel a more interactive experience. If customers are aware that they will be the first to view new products or want to be the first or only customers to get special offers or content, this will increase your following and makes marketing and promotion easier and cheaper.To further emphasise the exclusive interactive experience and fulfil the livestream purpose, provide access to live events as they happen! The event itself will peak interest from customers but the livestream will attract more customers to that event and will encourage users to follow the social accounts so they can attend future events.A cheat method is to partner with influencers as there are those on Instagram and Snapchat who have already amassed a huge following, and it doesn’t have to be A list celebrities, there are viral stars of the internet, particularly Vine, partner with them and let them take over your Instagram or snapchat story and encourage their followers to follow you.

So there you have it! All of the reasons why you and your business should be keeping one eye on snapchat and one eye on Instagram!


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