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16 Jan 2017 @ 16:26

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The benefits of social media

Social media has certainly come to the fore in recent years. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more now offer anyone the opportunity to engage with people online. For businesses, it has now become a must do scenario,

Dependent upon the profile or demographic of the typical client, different social media platforms offer various benefits. Indeed the demographic of the typical user for each social media platform varies. For example LinkedIn is primarily known as a B2B social media platform, which is ideal for the professional business orientated individual. Facebook on the other hand has a much more general social demographic, with posts from all age groups on a huge array of subject matter.

Social media has various uses, for some it is a vehicle for exposure, increasing lead generation and sales whilst for others it is used for purely informative purposes such as issues or problems and their resolutions. Some of the main benefits are:


One of the inherent benefits is gaining insights into clients and potential clients. Moving forward targeting in terms of marketing is becoming essential to eradicate wasted budget spend. Social media enables the relevant marketing department or individuals to gain valuable insights which can influence the marketing overall.

Increase exposure and brand awareness

For any growing business exposure is crucial, whether this involves generating interest or converting more leads. Social media provides an ideal platform which to do both. Interesting and engaging content, delivers multiple benefits, whilst increasing brand awareness across a spectrum of potential clients.

Generate better conversions

Due to the ability to target more specifically, if conducted correctly, social media offers an unrivalled opportunity to generate greater numbers of conversions. The ability to target demographics, geographically and by interest, the quality of conversions is also improved dramatically.

Increase website traffic

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online venture. However, the quality of the traffic is paramount. Social media provides the ability to increase targeted traffic, which is ultimately the most cost effective from of traffic.

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