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2 Mar 2017 @ 14:31

Twitter is an extremely popular social media platform that offers businesses an opportunity to engage with existing and new potential clientele. However for many businesses twitter is a platform which is shrouded in mystery. Below we provide a range of useful tips to enable your business to make the most of this enterprising and useful resource:

1) Complete your profile

This is one of the most frequent issues, that we see on twitter. The profile is your opportunity to provide useful information about your organisation. A surprising number of people view profiles when interested in a particular product or service, so ensure that your profile shows you in the best light.

2) Link to your website

Another common mistake, is not linking your profile to your website. A mistake which no doubt loses potential clients. Think of twitter as a lead generation tool, to create initial interest and then send them to your website to complete the job.

3) Find people to follow

If nobody see's your messages then no one will be interested. How do you get people to follow you? Follow them. Its as simple as that. Find people who may well be interested in what you have to offer. View the followers of competitors and follow them too. Although there is a limit to how many you can follow, once you have had initial interest, you should start to grow your followers organically. Also you should follow people that follow you.

Another option is to use twitter ads, a paid form of advertising which can help to increase followers.

Learn and understand the terminology of twitter

Twitter utilises a variety of different elements, and terminology which can be confusing. Use twitters own glossary to understand what they all mean. Common ones are hashtags (#), RT (Retweet), DM (Direct message).

4) Offer and share valuable content

Apart from creating your own useful content, which is a must, share other useful content from other sources. The aim is to provide a resource which delivers engaging and useful content and delivers guidance and advice. This will keep people coming back to you feed and establish you as an authority. Also do not make all or the majority of your posts sales based.

One of the common mistakes we see are when businesses simply post sales based content, even if offering discounted deals etc, the fact is that people will soon bore of seeing the same messages. Recent studies have shown that one marketing message for every 3 other styles of content related posts, are acceptable.

5) Regular posting is key

Don’t open a twitter account, go through the previous tips and process mentioned previously, then stop posting after a month. Building a regular following takes time and effort. Keep posting 2-4 posts a day if possible, to keep growing your following. There are various online resources which allow you to manage your social media posting, quickly and effectively. Use them and keep your following interested and engaged, by posting regularly and also responding.

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